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Saturday, April 6   |   3 pm


Join us for a spectacular hour of musical adventure with the internationally acclaimed pianist, Andrew Armstrong, and his six extraordinary musical friends! Renowned for his electrifying performances from the grand stages of Carnegie Hall to London’s Wigmore Hall, Andy’s on a special mission: to bring the wonders of classical music to the young explorers of the Lowcountry! 

From the majestic call of an elephant to the playful chatter of hens and roosters, witness a captivating world where instruments speak the languages of animals. Bounce to Bach and experience how a saxophone, flute, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and grand piano can weave tales without words. Each instrument has a story to tell, and together, they create a symphony of narratives that will spark the imagination of every listener. 

Classical music is like a brain booster. It enhances memory, boosts creativity, and even makes math easier! This concert is a playful blend of music education and interactive entertainment. Kids get to ask questions, learn interesting facts about the instruments, and be amazed at how music can tell stories without a single word.

Youth:  Free (Ages 5 - 18)
Adults: $25 before April 5 / Limited tickets available at the door for $30 

Sponsored by Nancy and Howell Beach

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