A B O U T   O U R   2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2   S E A S O N

Hooray and hallelujah! USCB has just completed its 41st Season, our only pandemic one, of brilliant performances…this time for live attendance, live-streaming, and OnDemand audiences.  Now we are looking with great anticipation to Season 42.  While everyone is hoping that the worst of the virus is behind us and we will be joining each other in our usual seats without masks, we will continue the live-stream and on-demand options through the upcoming season to ensure the artists will come and play no matter what the future holds.


In the grand tradition established by Professor Whisonant and the legendary pianist Charles Wadsworth and continued for fourteen years under cellist Edward Arron, pianist Andrew Armstrong is assembling a troupe of the world’s finest for his first full season as Artistic Director of the Series.


For the Whisonant-Wadsworth-Arron eras, the brilliance of the music and the talents of the artists have surprised and delighted audiences who had been drawn here by the beauty of the creeks and marshes, little expecting to discover Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven thriving gloriously in the bullrushes.  Under the leadership of Mr. Armstrong-Artistic Director, host, and resident pianist- the delightful discoveries will most definitely continue.  As a significant young artist himself and as the Artistic Director for a similar series, he is uniquely qualified to ensure that exceptional musicians keep coming and playing the exquisite music that makes Beaufort the cultural envy of much larger, much wealthier, and much less fortunate towns and cities---during good times and bad.

Since we were unable to provide a full house and standing ovation for Edward Arron’s exceptional fourteen-year run as our Artistic Director last December, we have invited Jeewon to join him for our first concert in 2022.  We will all want to make a most particular effort to come together for this celebratory occasion.  Please mark January 9, 2022, on your calendars now.

During the darkest days of the pandemic, very generous donations have given us two other exceptional highlights to anticipate in the upcoming season.  Emily Hart, a long-time supporter of the Series, has given us the largest single donation to the Chamber Music Endowment and asked that we accept it in honor of former Board member William Lortz.  Thus, the March concert will be dedicated to Bill’s  generous and enthusiastic support of the Series, so we hope you will pop on a bow tie, his choice of neckwear; join us for a champagne reception, and enjoy a program including Chopin’s Scherzo No.2, a favorite of his.   That celebration will be followed by the world premiere of a piece written by American composer Jeremy Turner and made possible by a generous donation from Walda Wildman of Columbia.   USCB Chamber Music has commissioned a composition of new chamber music for piano, violin, clarinet, and cello, and Mr. Armstrong  is presently securing the artists who will join the composer to debut the music at the concluding concert of the 2021-2022 season.  Please mark March 6 and April 10 on your calendars now.


Knowing that you won’t want to miss any of the exceptional artists and programming for all five Sundays from Halloween-April, we will offer two options for subscriptions/tickets and three options for enjoying the upcoming concerts:

  • Live Attendance Subscriptions/Tickets: You may elect to attend live or to live-stream performances on Sundays at five and enjoy on-demand access to each concert at your leisure for three weeks.

  • Virtual Subscriptions/Tickets: You may choose to join those in the hall from the safety and convenience of your home or your travels with live streaming on Sundays at five and enjoy on-demand access to each concert at your leisure for three weeks.

On-Demand: Both live attendance and live-stream tickets/subscriptions will provide you with on-demand access within a week of the performances.  You will have three weeks to access each concert at your leisure.

​​​Even in the best of times, USCB Chamber Music relies on the constancy or our subscribers and the generosity of our Friends to sustain the program.  Since we are committed to supporting our artists fully throughout the season, we ask that you consider subscribing and beFriending the Series as generously as you can.  We also ask that you send our website information to friends anywhere in the world who might want to subscribe for a virtual season or for a particular concert of grand music.  If we can count on you as a subscriber, Friend, and recruiter, we know we shall fly the chamber music banner high in the Carolina Lowcountry during the upcoming season.

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