A B O U T   O U R   S E A S O N

The truly remarkable news is that USCB Chamber Music’s 41st season is getting underway as scheduled.  Even as some college and professional sports are canceling, chamber musicians are practicing with gusto. With a grand lineup of brave artists playing on the stage of the Center for the Arts on five Sundays at five from November-April, we will once again celebrate the beauty and power of brilliant classical music played with great talent and inspiration.

​However, during these improbable times, our season has been redesigned to meet the new realities, and we are offering every form of access available.  For the first time in our history, professional audio/visual engineers will record the concerts for both live stream and on-demand access. On-demand access will include an 8-10 minute artist interview with each concert's performers.

Thus, there are three ways to enjoy this season.

  • Live Attendance: If a season subscriber, you may elect to attend live performances on Sundays at five.  Seating will conform to physical distancing, so the number of available seats will be limited, and this option will be available only to subscribers on a first-come basis until restrictions are lifted.

  • Live Stream: Both season subscribers and individual ticket holders may choose to join those in the hall from the safety of your home with live streaming.

  • On-Demand: All patrons can view the concerts and interviews at home within a week of the performances at times convenient to you.  Subscribers will have access to the concerts and interviews through Memorial Day 2021.  Individual ticket holders will have access for three weeks.

​Recognizing that attending from afar can never replicate completely the experience of a live performance, we have reduced our season subscription rates by 50%.  If seating restrictions should be lifted and we are all able to join the artists for live concerts early in the New Year, the reduced rate will remain in place for those who subscribe now, and you will continue to receive videos of all concerts and interviews.

Even in the best of times, USCB Chamber Music relies on the generosity of our Friends to help with our annual costs.  Since we are committed to supporting our artists fully, we ask that you consider beFriending the Series as generously as you can.  We also ask that you send our website information to friends anywhere in the world who might want to subscribe for a virtual season of grand music.  If we can count on you as a subscriber, Friend, and recruiter, we know we shall fly the chamber music banner high in the Carolina Lowcountry this season…COVID or no COVID.

C O N C E R T S   &   A R T I S T S . . .

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N O V​


Andrew Armstrong, Piano

Aaron Boyd, Violin

Edward Arron, Cello

D E C​


Edward Arron, Cello

Andrew Armstrong, Piano

J A N​


David Kim, Violin
Ani Aznavorrian, Cello

Marta Aznavoorian, Piano

Andrew Armstrong, Piano



Jennifer Frautschi, Violin

Melissa Reardon, Viola

Edward Arron, Cello

Andrew Armstrong, Piano



Demarre McGill, Flute
Valerie Muzzolini, Harp

Ani Aznavoorian, Cello

Andrew Armstrong, Piano

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